FINALLY!! I made it to Beachfire Brewing!!

I’m currently sitting at Beachfire Brewing and Nosh House in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  It is a new brewhouse and restaurant, opening their doors in November 2016. I’m in the area a couple of times a year so really wanted to stop in. As it turns out, I already knew one of the co-owners Matt, through the local Comox Valley Jeep Club and later found out that we have a kinda-sorta loose family connection so I was happy to finally meet him.  I’d been in Campbell River on New Year’s Day but of course everything was closed so I peered in the window and promised myself that I’d get there eventually. 

And eventually turned into right now!  It only took 8 months, but I’m here! 

Walking in, the ambience is warm and friendly with some individual tables and two large wood slab community tables. The colours are fresh and clean with bikes and bike parts expertly woven into the decor. My favourite wall had steam punk style lights on pipes.  I only took a video with the wall of lights so here’s a not great screenshot photo of it, but I’d suggest visiting for yourself. 

Here also is the bike wheel wall:

I’ve been writing as I sit here.  So far, I’ve had the weekly Tuesday small batch beer which is a Piña Colada Hefeweizen this week. And it’s completely delicious with a hint of coconut pineapple flavour one would find on a tropical island, backed by the wheat flavour of its Hefeweizen base.  A tasty and creative blend. 

 I then ordered one of my favourite of beer styles, the stout. This one is called the Wheel Bender Stout. Absolutely phenomenal. It has a smooth, gentle smoky flavour that I could drink for a while. Yup, I do love stouts.  My tasty lunch was an Asparagus/heirloom tomato/smoked Gouda tart with a green salad and freshly made dressing. Now that I’m fed and have a happy buzz on, I’ve ordered a flight of the other 4 beers on tap. 

From left to right is: Beach Blonde Ale, Ember Red Ale, High Tide Pale Ale and the Hefeweizen (wheat ale). I’ve started my tasting with the Hefeweizen which is a lovely light wheat flavour. I’m no beer connoisseur but I know a good beer when I taste it. This is good beer. It reminds me of sunshine, like the weather in Campbell River today.  Pure sunshine with a gentle summer breeze. 

The next tasting is the Beach Blonde Ale. It’s a lovely clear flavour with a hint of hops. This would be my choice to bring to the beach to sip on in the late afternoon and evening by a campfire.  Smooth and full with that little bit of gentle hoppy flavour. 

Next is the High Tide Pale Ale.  Wow. Just wow. Like completely WOW. I think this one of the best pale ales I’ve had. And I’m pretty sure I’m not saying that because of my happy buzz.  It’s got deep SMOOTH roots with an earthy base and then a  hoppy sweetness that I’ve never before experienced in a pale ale. Just wow.  Seriously knocked this one out into the ocean!

Last beer to try is the Ember Red Ale… 

Another wow!  Toasty and nutty, it’s a beautiful beer! I think I might have another! I love stouts, but this red is beautiful. Yup, just ordered another Ember Red Ale. Seriously red. Seriously ale. Seriously delicious. My goodness, how do I decide what to fill my growler with??  No idea. I’ll figure it out. Get back to you all shortly… 

It’s been an hour. Still no idea. Haha!! 

All the beers are great here. 

I’ve decided to have another beer before I go…. this time the Beach Blonde Ale… then maybe I’ll be able to decide what to take home. (And no, I’m not driving today) 

Fast forward to the next day.  I took a growler of the Ember Red Ale home.  It was a tough decision because I’d have liked a bit of each but I now know that the next time I’m near Campbell River, I’ll be visiting Beachfire Brewing again!  I also highly suggest that you do as well!  

I had a great day walking around Campbell River and will definitely go back to explore more, the next time with my jeep and will most definitely be stopping in at Beachfire Brewing and Nosh House again. 

Happy exploring and happy trails!



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