Head for the hills! And then river… 

It’s been a long rough 18 months for Fiona. She’s always been my daily driver but driving her the 750kms weekly to and from work on an unhappy highway has been wearing her out. If you happened to read my last story, I bought a cute little commuter car and Fiona is now the official adventure jeep. There are a few things that she needs to have done before she’s back to her former glory, but she’s definitely still good to go for now. 
Yesterday my friend Jordy messaged me and asked if I wanted to go offroading…. I said no and that maybe next month some time when the weather is better… I’m kidding!!!  I said most definitely! He had an idea where he wanted to go but no specifics, so I knew just the trail to climb. We headed out of town to a Forest Service Road named Whitebottom. There are a few farms and homes along this road but it’s also been used for logging in the past. Another friend had been up a specific logging road that branches off the Whitebottom road, passing by a glacier that is walking distance from the road and I wanted to get there. The Whitebottom road is a few kilometres out of town and easy to find. I’d been there a couple of years previously, hiking and exploring the forest along a creek and had even been part of the way up the road we were about to explore. 

We easily found the logging road and headed up and not very far along I saw the most amazing view of our local ski/snowboarding hill, Shames Mountain in the distance! Although it’s closed for the summer now, there’s still snow showing off the runs to all who may see it. I was in awe and a bit farther up the mountain, we stopped to flex the jeeps on dirt piles along the side of the road and I got some photos of Fiona with Shames in the background. 

Fiona with Shames Mountain on the left side of the photo

One of the things that I love about the area that I live in is that there are always snow-capped peaks wherever you look and today didn’t disappoint. The higher up the mountain we drove the happier I got. I just love being way up on a mountain! I’m thankful that there are roads that we have access to and my jeeps to climb them! 

Appreciating the view up in the hills

Flexing the jeeps

Shames Mountain


When we got to about 475 metres up the mountain, we hit snow. I knew this was a likely event, but wanted to see how far we’d get. We took a few photos of our jeeps in the snow and headed back down to the valley with the intent to try again later in the season. We weren’t disappointed though, this was a warm up to the summer season. 

Jordy mentioned that he had a new camping stove that he wanted to try and suggested going down to the river to cook some dinner. We made a plan for food then he had to run home to pick up his girlfriend Erin who had been taking a course all day and couldn’t join our earlier excursion. I also ran home and once we were organized we met up and headed to a fun trail that would take us to a spot on the river that only 4 wheel drive vehicles and people on foot can access. The sun was still above the mountains, shrouded in some puffy clouds, giving some lovely light rays. Jordy was figuring out his high speed, mini cook stove while Erin studied a bit and I took photos. 

Photo credit to Erin

Once he got the stove going he cooked us some turkey burgers. They weren’t just any turkey burger, it was my job to buy buns and not having any at home I ran to the corner store to grab some and they were out! The only buns available were tiny dinner rolls so I thought to myself… “they’re still buns…” and bought them. So sliders it was! Tiny turkey burgers cooked over a tiny stove! By the time we were done eating, the sun was starting to set behind the mountain on the other side of the river. After a few photos, we went for a rip along the beach before heading back to our homes. 

A short adventure on a beautiful, sunny day.

Until next time, happy trails!



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