A pretty way to spend a Saturday evening 

A fun but somewhat bumpy evening backroad drive up to a couple of local camping areas, one is called Redsand Lake, the other is Hart Farm on Neighbouring Kalum Lake. 

Redsand Lake road

Pine Lake, along the way to Redsand Lake.

Checked out a few side roads…

Fiona’s dirty spare tire

Another side road

Heading to Hart Farm camping area

Kitsumkalum Lake, commonly known as Kalum Lake

Kalum Lake, from a camping spot

Kalum Lake

Kalum Lake

Beautiful Redsand Lake

At Redsand camping area

My friend and Fiona at Redsand Lake

Beautiful Fiona at equally beautiful Redsand Lake


9 comments on “A pretty way to spend a Saturday evening 

  1. I’ve yet to name my Jeep either. Something will come to me eventually. For now it’s just the Jeep. It looks like you had some fun this weekend. I wish there were more dirt tracks to explore in Wisconsin. We are pretty limited here. Every now and then I cross the border and enjoy Minnesota’s plentiful farm and forest roads but they are all so well maintained it’s hard to stretch the Jeep’s legs.

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