Let the Wheeling begin!


The 4 wheeling season started with a bang this year.  When was the last time you saw eight 4 wheelers get stuck and muddy?  Well at the end of March,the kickoff trip was a family 4 wheeling day on a random trail. Some of us got stuck and everyone got muddy!

My neighbors invited me to go out on a Saturday. We met at a large gravel pit where 4 wheelers of all kinds gather to play on the hills or to meet and venture into the woodland trails. Today we were meeting to go find a random trail in the area. I knew a few of the folks in the group, but most of them were new to me. There was quite a large group when I arrived and people were still showing up. There were 4 jeeps, an older Chevy Blazer, 3 quads and a side by side. There were people of all ages, and I was excited for the day.

When we set off, we didn’t know exactly where we were headed, we just knew that we’d look for a trail and follow it. We were a stream of shapes and sizes like a rainbow river. Sean in his big jeep was ahead and once he found a trail that looked fun he turned into it and we all followed. It was a fun trail, with muddy puddles and a trees with branches that reached out like arms to brush faces and scratch vehicles.

Fun trail!

After a bit, we came upon a creek with the remains of what was once a basic log bridge. We all stopped and went to have a look to figure out the best way to get through it. For the bigger jeeps and quads, it was a fun jaunt through or around the hole but for us two stockies it posed a potential challenge. The first two bigger jeeps got through easily.

Jordie was next with his new stock Rubicon. I wasn’t sure how he’d fare through the muddy crevasse, but his possible success would be a glimmer of hope that I too, would make it without help.  He eased down into the hole, steering as the guides instructed, over the log, turn a bit to the left, hit the gas…. Yeah! He made it!



I had hope. I did the same, got ready to climb the bank and   Hit the gas! Yeah! Here I go! … No.  Stopped dead by the trailer hitch that I had forgotten to remove. It got caught in the steep muddy bank.  So, with my hopes of a clean run dashed, monster jeep came to my rescue to winch me out. I removed that hitch right away!

On the bright side,  I had my new (to me) bumper with a 12,000lb winch and this was my first time using it. Of course, it worked flawlessly!

Fiona’s new bumper, winch & light bar

Once we were all past the creek, we had muddy challenges along the whole trail.

Soon we got to the end of the trail and had to all turn around and go back through the mud holes and of course the old bridge hole. Getting back wasn’t as easy, both Jordie & I slid sideways, with Jordie threatening to roll onto his side and into the creek!  We both had to be winched out, I was first and then as I was watching him, I held my breath a couple of times as he slid down the embankment.

He was successfully winched out and all was good. We all headed back to the main road and decided to go visit the beautiful Lakelse Canyon while we were in the area.

Most of us walked, but some brave souls chose to go through a huge puddle in the road. 

Lakelse Canyon

Lakelse Canyon

It was a great way to start the wheeling season!

Happy Trails,


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