Where did the Winter go??

Happy Spring Friends!

Winter?  What winter?  We barely had a winter here in the northwest of British Columbia!  Last year we had a massive snowstorm in February that shut everything down for a few days, which is rare around here.  Not this year! The little bit of snow that we did get has long gone and we’re well into spring!

I’ve been busy as always and am way behind on writing about my adventures!  Spring has arrived and when I put my summer tires on Fiona, it was game on! I’ve been out on three epic wheeling adventures since March, all in my local area, some, literally right around the bend from my home!  In between wheeling adventures, I go on exploration trips, jeeping along back roads and generally stopping and hiking.  Sometimes the road has ended and sometimes I just park because I want to check out stuff on foot.  That usually involves thrashing through the bush, following a rough trail or finding semi open mossy meadows.  I always hike with one or more friends, often there’s a dog or two along and I always carry bear spray.  There’s always somewhere enchanting to find.

I’ll be writing separate accounts for each adventure with lots of photos.  For now, I’m stopping in to say that I’m still here and there will be new stories coming up very shortly!!

Adventure can be found everywhere!

Happy trails,



Fiona on Copper Mountain, Terrace, BC

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