The Firewood Adventure

The most recent green jeep adventure was a trip to a local log yard to get firewood for the winter. Now it’s already late November, and although I still have about a cord of seasoned wood, I’m new to finding firewood. I’d been watching for forest wood that I could cut down and keeping an ear out for local suppliers. It took until November to finally find somebody reliable or someone who still had wood available. I was thankful to have found some folks with a log yard. Funny thing, I didn’t just find this supplier, it was word of mouth after inquiring from a friend’s friend! I considered buying a logging truck of logs but need seasoned, chopped wood for this winter. I phoned the log folks and set up a Sunday to go get 2 cords. One cord is 4 feet by 4 feet wide by 8 feet high… or equivalent to those dimensions.

I don’t have my own trailer to transport wood in so I had to borrow one. My friends Amanda & Andrew have one and said that I was welcome to use it so I went to pick it up on the Saturday morning before. Andrew was not available to help us hook up the trailer so us girls had to do it ourselves. The hitch part of the trailer was on the ground, buried in the dirt and I had to clean it before we could attach it to the jeep hitch. Amanda a got a block of wood that we could set the trailer part on so it would be easier to lift it onto the jeep hitch. I backed the jeep up so that the hitch was right beside the trailer hitch and Amanda & I heaved it up and over, perfectly onto the jeep hitch! Phew! We secured the chains, hooked up the lights and I was ready to roll! I had some errands to run in town, and having the trailer made me really think about where I was going and where I’d be parking! I am familiar with trailers though, I drove a rafting bus with a trailer full of rafts for 6 years mostly on logging roads and have driven tractor trailers and all sizes of trailers at work. I managed to get all my errands done without trouble, although traffic and parking in town were crazy busy. It was kind of a fun challenge to maneuver around.


The next morning I was up bright and early, ok maybe not too early, it’s a weekend so 8 am is a good sleep in (work days I’m up at 4:45). I was expected at the woodlot by 10:00 and Amanda was coming to help me. Once she arrived at my house, I was in the jeep, ready to go and she followed me with her car because as she said, her Pug, Molly is too hairy to go in my jeep! She sheds. A lot. Lol.

I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get the woodlot, but I’d been in the area once or twice before and had instructions from one of the owners, Debbie. She said her husband Mel would meet us there in the lot to direct where my wood was. I found the place without any problems and had to back up the jeep and trailer quite a ways with a slight S turn. Since the trailer was shorter than the other trailers that I’ve backed up it took me a couple of tries to get the feel for it but once I figured it out, I backed up to the wood pile easily. Mel had marked off my 2 cords of wood and helped Amanda & I pitch log chunks into the trailer. The ground was quite mucky and thick and Mel didn’t want to overload the trailer for fear that I wouldn’t get out, but I had Fiona in 4 low and all the 4 wheeling that I’ve done with her had given me the knowledge and feeling for how to drive. When the trailer was as full as we felt comfortable with, I inched my way out of the mucky lot, by surging ahead a couple of feet and rolling backwards a bit, then giving a bit of gas with the next surge forward. I only had about 20 – 30 feet of that and I was back on solid ground. No problem! Mel was leaving the lot for the day to go for a back country ski with friends, so suggested we return next Sunday when the ground should be a bit more frozen and he’ll be there all day if we need any help.

Amanda & I headed back to my house and I backed into my back yard so we could unload the wood into a pile to be transported to my wood shed.

I have a small utility wagon in my back yard so I filled that up as Amanda picked up a few logs at a time and walked them to the shed, about 15 feet away. We stopped for a short break but still had the wood stacked in the shed in about 90 minutes while Molly sat by and kept us company. Now that’s teamwork! As we were chucking wood off the trailer I happened to notice some very cool fungi that I’d never seen, growing on some of the wood.  The really unusual ones were a really pretty deep purple jelly type fungus and the other were tiny aquamarine fungi!  More familiar ones were tiny oyster type mushrooms and another tiny plate type that I can’t identify, but are very pretty.


We’ll be going back next Sunday for 2 more trips and I’ll have enough firewood to last the winter!


The first load


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