The Last Hurrah of 2014

Welcome to 2015!

I hope everyone made it through the holiday season relatively unscathed… well, I hope through 2014 relatively unscathed!  I admit it was a tough year for me in some respects, and for many people that I know, but we can always have hope for a new year.  Not that anything is really different, just the date.  What IS new, however is what we choose to do with the turning over of the calendar.

For me and my Green Jeep, it means that we’ll be finding adventures closer to home for a while.  I have a personal non-jeeping trip that I need to take, but I’m not sure when I can take it.  I’m saving my pennies to get to my destination.  So, until I sort that out, there will be trips into the hills and valleys in the expansive landscape near my northern coastal home.

I took the last trip of the 2014 season on December 28th, a drive north of my home in Terrace to Kitsumkalum Lake (aka Kalum Lake) with my friend and her dog.  I’d had a hankering to go in that direction for a week or two and on that day, the sun was shining and I called my friend on a whim and asked if she wanted to tag along.

I really wanted to drive all the way to the Nass Valley, but time didn’t allow, so we first went to an area that I had previously explored.  It’s a road that looks like it will lead to a gravel pit and has a couple of loop roads before the road to the water.  The view from the edge of the loops is spectacular.

Mountians behind Redsand Lake

Mountains behind Redsand Lake

It’s a short 4 wheel down a winding back road to part of the Kalum River that runs from Kalum Lake to Redsand lake and has a small camping area and trail.

Along Kalum Lake

Along Kalum Lake


Fiona taking in the beauty

Fiona taking in the beauty

We followed the trail to an empty freezing up creek that we mucked aross and found a long, frozen, sandy spit.  The last time I’d been to this area there were swans lazily swimming around.  No swans this day though.  Once I’d taken enough photos and we’d explored a bit, we headed back to the highway to find Wesach Falls.  I’d heard about and seen photos of this amazing waterfall and wanted to find it and fortunately my friend knew where it was.  Before getting to the falls trail, we traveled along Kalum Lake and stopped at a boat launch to explore the rocky beach beside it.  I pulled into the area and drove right down to the water’s edge.   What a beauty sight!

Looking north

Looking north


looking south
looking south


We travelled up the highway a few more minutes and pulled into what looks like somebody’s driveway.  Turns out it IS somebody’s driveway!  But there is a parking area and a public access trail to the falls.

Julie at the head of the Wesach Falls trail


It was getting late in the afternoon but we decided to follow the trail anyways, my friend figured we’d have enough time to get to the falls and back before it got dark.  The trail is somewhat easy, with a short climb up a very steep slope with a rope to grab and help pull yourself up and down.   This day, the trail was a bit icy so we had to watch our steps.  We arrived at the falls in about 15 minutes, and the descent down to the falls, basically traversing over tree roots packed with mud, was really icy.  My friend made it down part of the way but I stopped and even her dog didn’t want to go down and she’s usually first to get to the fun places.  I took a bunch of photos with my iphone and hoped that they’d turn out as the light began to fade.  We decided to head back before it got completely dark and bid farewell to the beautiful falls.

A highly edited iphone 6 photo of Wesach Falls at dusk

A highly edited iphone 6 photo of Wesach Falls at dusk


Back on the road, the sky had completely darkened.  We were passed by a number of pickup trucks with snowmobiles riding piggy back, people returning to Terrace after a day farther north on snowmobile trails up in the mountains

I love to drive north towards the Nass Valley (and farther) and I’ll return in spring or in the summer, when we have endless days.

Yes, the north is packed full of exploring for me!


Happy trails!




4 comments on “The Last Hurrah of 2014

  1. Thank Jackie! I’ll go back to see the waterfall in the summer when I’ll be able to go right down to the water 🙂
    This Christmas Fiona didn’t get any gifts, it was a lean Christmas for me, I need to go see my Mom (and hope to swing by TO too) so I’m saving my pennies. I’ve been thinking about you, you are you doing?


  2. OMG! So beautiful! Your pic of the waterfall is a real keeper (highly edited or not, you risked life and limb to get the shot in the first place—never go where a dog won’t go!!). I’d say you and Fiona ushered out 2014 in true outdoor adventure style. Did you buy her anything for Christmas?

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