Meeting the neighbors

I’m finally beginning to get more involved in the blogging community since I started this blog back in January.  Today I’ve cruised through a bunch of blogs, read as many other posts as I can and followed some more bloggers.  I’m already following a small number of blogs but it’s time to get out of my jeep and photography zone, find some other blogs and really figure out how WordPress works.  Today I’ve followed Yoga Dot Om, Yogamattes, Petro-Form, Ancestral Arts and Hollywood Desmo.  I’ve read pages from each site and look forward to following more bloggers and expanding my view of the world through blogging.

Happy reading!


6 comments on “Meeting the neighbors

  1. Hi Jen, I love the Jeep idea, 🙂 very creative… I always wanted a Jeep but always wondering if it will suit me being a fashion bloggers and in early design career, but hey.. I’m traveler too right..and nothing is more fashionable and sexy more than travelling in style with a Jeep!!! And I hope you don’t mind I’m sharing this on Facebook. Well done. x

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