I’m a new Daily Adventurer!

The past few months have been crazy.  Every time I try to write, I can’t make up my mind what to to write about first!

So I’m going to start with some exciting news.

A few weeks ago I was asked by Daily Adventurer if I’d be interested in officially being part of the Daily Adventurer family!  Of course I was honoured and thrilled to be asked and graciously accepted 🙂

Daily Adventurer is not just a concept, it’s a lifestyle, encompassing everything that has to do with getting out and living life to its fullest, which I fully support and try to live, every chance I get.  I’m an adventure and exploration junkie and now I get to share that love of exploring with and through Daily Adventurer.

I first started to follow Daily Adventurer on Instagram back  in 2012 when it was a baby concept and it’s been growing ever since.  There are multiple social media sites where you can connect and I highly recommend checking them out. They are:  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the newest addition, http://www.dailyadventurer.com 🙂  the website has a myriad of ways to see and connect with other adventurers from around the globe.  There are fantastic user photos and videos, as well as some videos that people have sent in and have been put together by Daily Adventurer. It’s all so fantastic.  So inspiring. Go see. Spread the adventure word.  Live that dream! #findyourinneradventurer

here are the links:  






Adventure on my friends!

Jen  ❤

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