It’s Trapper Time! Exploring the alpine of Trapper Mountain or Fiona’s first 4 wheeling

I’m travelling back in time here, to October 2012 when I bought my pretty neon green jeep.  She was two days in my possession and still nameless but I had to take her for a rip.  Here is that story.

Although there’s no inopportune time to buy a jeep, I bought mine at the end of the north coast 4×4 season. With wet, heavy snow, any 4 wheeler here will admit it’s a certain slippery, death by slush and a date with a winch. 

So I had to get at least one 4×4 trip in before the north coast would be ravaged by winter snow and rain and was invited to explore a magical landscape called Trapper Mountain. My friend Leanne had been quadding  to Trapper on the day that I was picking up Fiona from the dealership, and excitedly called me to say that I should come with her & her friend Jenna to take photos.  Since I had a new Jeep that was just itching to climb a hill, I offered to drive.  

The following day was a gorgeously warm bluebird sky day as we set out on our big adventure.  We live in the most amazing area, and Trapper mountain is less than an hour from my front door.  We traveled to the Copper River and turned onto the dirt road that would take us to the Trapper road, 22kms away.  When we reached to road, I threw Fiona into 4 wheel high gear & off we went.  I was happy to see that the road was steep and winding and Fiona was loving the climb.  It is only wide enough for one vehicle and about half way up, we met a group of youths in trucks on their way down, led by a fresh faced young man who abashedly admitted that he couldn’t back his truck up because it was only 2 wheel drive and he didn’t want to chance trying to back it up & wrecking it because it was his brother’s. .. and there were also 3 trucks behind him!  Soooo… I backed up a kilometer or two to a small pull out so they could pass. That was fun (really, it was… I like backing up).  Once that was out of the way, the road became narrower and steeper and the road edge started to fall sharply down embankments, revealing tree lined valleys and vistas of neighboring snow capped mountains.

Without knowing what to expect, we turned the last curve in the road and there it was…  the most gorgeous pure open alpine.  I’d never seen alpine like this.  It was the roughest chunky rock and there were little lakes and big lakes, short shrubs and little pine trees. little red flowers and moss.  Everywhere moss.  I was in complete awe. As we followed the road we saw a shack off the path that people use for staying overnight. There were more trucks parked there so we kept going and arrived at a transmission tower building on a landing where we could park.  Getting out of the jeep, all I could see was a 360 degree view of snow capped peaks. Image


We stood in awe for a while and snapped a bunch of photos, then went back down the road to explore the lakes.



This is the mid sized lake.  There are lots of small ones and one really big one with an island.



I want to swim in this lake.


there was still snow from the previous winter so I tried to make a snow angel… it turned out to be an ice angel!Image


The medium sized lake on the left, the big lake with the island on the right and no end to the amazing mountains.




The big lake




Close up of the big lake with stepping stones to the little island.  This whole place is magical. 




even closer shot of the big lake.

We wandered around and explored and took dozens of photos and were loathe to leave this enchanting place.  As we drove back down the road I promised myself that I’d be back.  I also learned that one doesn’t always have to travel far to find adventure, it can be practically in your own back yard.  It also doesn’t hurt that I live in a remote wilderness area!  

I knew that buying a jeep would open so many new doors to adventure, exploration and photos that I never thought I’d be able to get.  I’m committed for life now and my Fiona Jeep and I will be buddies for a very long time.


Happy trails!


9 comments on “It’s Trapper Time! Exploring the alpine of Trapper Mountain or Fiona’s first 4 wheeling

    • I love any opportunity to go offroad and that first time with my jeep was fantastic. I’ll be posting last summer’s offroad adventures over the next few ,months as well as this summer’s adventures coming up.

      Have a great week!


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