In the beginning…

I just bought my first Jeep!

I just bought my first Jeep!

Hi folks!

This is where it all started…

I’ve always loved to explore and to find adventure.  I used to own a VW Jetta and I took that thing places a small car shouldn’t go! Poor poor Jetta.  Miraculously it’s still around & running!

I loved that Jetta, but I’ve always dreamed of having a jeep. It started with the Comanche Pickup truck & continued with the Renegade and just kept growing.  But I could never buy one. Fast forward a bunch of years & a bunch of kids and I kept on dreaming about having a jeep… and planning… and saving… and then in August 2012 I finally did it.. I ordered a 2013 Gecko Pearlcoat Jeep Wrangler!

Two full months of angst and gut wrenching anticipation passed before I got the call from my dealership 2 hours away that my jeep was in!  My daughter Emma & I raced out in the good old Jetta to pick up my jeep.  I bought champagne for the dealership staff and we had a mini celebration.  (They said that nobody had ever done that before).

Once the jeep was officially mine, Emma & took off the sun panels over the two front seats and soaked up the October sunshine as we cruised up the dirt road to a friend’s cabin at Hudson’s Bay ski resort.  Fiona’s first offroad adventure.  She handled like a pro and I was in my glory.  Emma & I hung out at the cabin for a while & I took photos of the breathtaking view over the sprawling Bulkley valley and of course, Fiona.

On the road home I marveled at the journey.  The journey from so long ago when that inkling of buying a jeep to the road I was driving on, finally driving my neon green adventure machine.

Happy trails!

15 comments on “In the beginning…

    • Hi Douglas, Yes I noticed that you have a Jeep accessory page & I’m following! I have a few things that I want to do to my jeep, 3 inch lift, bigger tires, winch, the usual starters lol. Not sure when that will all happen yet.

      My 4×4 group was planning to go out fpor a wheel yesterday, but the weather ended up at -10C so we rainchecked it. I do have a fun story from Last summer that I plan to write about, with some great 4×4 photos… stuck in mud, lots of vehicles, the works. I’ll let you know when I get it posted.

      thanks for the note 🙂


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